Back to the Future

Wonder Woman

model: Shadia Elise

Aeon Flux, Trevor Goodchild and RU 486 at Anime Boston 2014

The Predator

Bio-Mechanical Iron Maiden

Cortana from Halo 4

Halo Master Chief hanging with Mystique and Captain America

Photos by Zygore & Darkwell Studios


Zombie Wonder Woman

My Little Pony Transformer


Cuddle Team Leader

Captain Marvel

Boba Fett

Dark Phoenix


Back in 2007, I painted my first Star Wars body painting.

She was painted as a Stormtrooper.

The model showed up with a friend who generously agreed to join in the fun getting painted as our lovable friend, Chewie.

I think you'd agree, that took it to the next level.

In 2009, a family friend and Star Wars super fan had asked me to transform his wife's baby bump into the iconic Death Star.

Three years later, the saga continued when R2-D2 magically came to life for her second pregnancy.

That same year, I rendered a Mandalorian Dominatrix and her trusty "Slave" 1 for a hefty bounty at a local Boston Halloween Contest.